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Hello & Welcome to our website!

Pets In Their PalacePets In Their Palace is a family run pet sitting service for Oakamoor and the surrounding area.

As a pet owner, we know how difficult it is to organise a holiday and find suitable solution for looking after your beloved furry friends! Usually it's a choice between expensive catteries or begging and pleading with friends and family to come round to your house on a daily basis.

Well now you have no need to worry! Pets In Their Palace offer a cost effective solution to take away any worries and stress involved in looking after your pet whilst you're away. We offer many services so please carry on reading for a full list.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

Why Cat Sitting?

Cat sitting is the new alternative to catteries!

Our cat sitting service for Oakamoor is an excellent and stress free alternative to catteries for your loved ones. Cats feel more safe and secure in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings compared to the stress of being boarded at a cattery, not knowing what's going on, where they are and what all the strange sounds & smells are!

Pets In Their Palace So what will we do for your cat?
  • We will ensure your cats are fed and supplied with fresh water daily - or depending on the visits you've specified
  • We will administer medication to your cat if this is required
  • We will ensure the area where they eat is kept clean
  • If your cat is a house cat we will make sure that their litter tray is emptied and cleaned daily
  • We will play with your cat to keep them happy and give lots of love and care
  • Depending on the breed of cat we will brush and groom them
  • Bins put out where needed
  • Curtains opened/closed if morning and evening visits booked
  • Post picked up for security reasons

Visitng Service Costs

Pets In Their PalaceOur standard rate for visits is as low as £9.00 per visit. Rates for chickens, ducks, horses etc. are variable according to the work involved, so please contact us for further information.

Mileage will be charged where applicable over 5 mile radius of Oakamoor.

There is also an extra £15.00 supplement for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day.
All other Bank Holiday supplements are charged at £6.00.

Pets In Their Palace

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